Six weeks, you’re here!

I can see the finish line, yaay!
Postpartum is rightly called the beginning of the fourth trimester; you have to get used to a new body, a new baby, a new schedule. There’s just so much going on, or sometimes the lack of it because you feel like all you’re doing from morning till night is feed, burp, diapering, repeat. It’s definitely easier the second time around because you’ve already tested the waters but each baby is different.
Easa is quite the opposite from Omar, he needs to be held ALL the time, poops a lot more than Omar did πŸ™‚ But he’s still a daytime baby.
Six weeks went slow. I’m a believer in most traditions when it comes to postpartum rituals. Since centuries, the new mom has been pampered with massages and herbal baths, homemade medicines, and strict belly binding. She’s encouraged to move her muscles only to feed her baby. Even though most moms love the privacy of staying at home exclusively, I hated being indoors all day.
I embraced the rest period with widespread arms this time around ; because I know the amount of work that will be coming in the next few months.

Who tells a woman who’s just had a baby that she is fat? Most visitors. Maybe this would have bothered me a few years back but now, no. I am so proud of having borne two babies, I worked really really hard to give them the best I could in my pregnancies and I also try to be an active mama post delivery through regular workouts. Who are they to assess and judge. 😐

If you’re going to meet a new mom, don’t tell her how big she is. Appreciate her for giving up her body to make another small one. Pregnancy comes with many unexpected changes, it’s years of living with something and then it feels like it changed overnight. There’s no going back , no rewind buttons.

What a joy it is to smell Easa, to let his fingers curl around mine, to tickle his tiny feet and see them pull away. I can’t wait for his first smile at me, which might be due in a few days! iA πŸ™‚

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