Weekend Getaway

I had been to Jebel Akhdar a year back with the in-laws, it’s not the most exciting place and definitely not a place I’d die to go back to. But this time was different. Jo isn’t the “let’s go skydiving” kind of a guy but he has this spontaneity that makes guest appearances in our marriage (that’s probably once in 6 months? if I’m not stretching it a bit too far) He called up in the evening when I was on one of my walks with Omar and said we are taking off for the weekend. Still pinching myself to believe that it was happening, we set out three hours later after hurried packing, having had fun threatening Omar to leave him behind which was met by adorable cries of “Ama coming, ama coming!”

We camped in the car for the night, probably the most uncomfortable sleeping I’ve ever done and went to the Grand Masjid at Nizwa for fajr. And then we took the ascent to the mountains, lovely weather, plenty of hand holding, the drive was amazing.

After a bit of trekking (more like climbing one slope with a heavily pregnant lady and a frustrated, sleep-deprived toddler), we reached at the hotel hoping to get in with an early check-in. We knew the stay would be amazing the moment they gave us yum dates. Anantara was outstanding, the service was impeccable and the ambience was divine.

It’s not hard for a place to look marvelous to me, a play with warm lights just about does it. The whole area was dimly lit, with many secluded spots, more than pleasant climate and the company of my two favorite boys.
I would have a hard time to to pick out which one was better – the experience at the Jacuzzi or the elaborate breakfast, for both of them stood out in the stay.

And back we came, partly refreshed to tackle life with all its troubles , partly wanting to never stop holidaying. I feel like these breaks, as infrequent as they are, are vital to our marriage even if it isn’t fully sans technology. There are those private moments, lame jokes, subtle whispers that are the foundation of a healthy relationship. Maybe it was the perfect way to spend one last holiday as a family together, like we know it, before we welcome the new member later this year inshaAllah.


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