In the honor of you, my baby

If there was ever the hunt for an exemplary paradox, I would win the title, hands down. Restarting blogging has been on my mind since months, but the laziness to open my workstation or the weight of daily chores has bogged me down.

Oh, how quickly my baby turned one Alhamdulillah! How naive I was to believe the old wives’ tale of forgetting labour pains in a couple of weeks post delivery – umm, NOT! It brought me so close to death, for a few minutes all that mattered was just ending it all.

What a joy you have been! Never in the world did I imagine I could love someone who poops so often (carefully timed to be executed when we’re all set to go out or I’m ready to drop down into bed) , who turns my space into nothing less than a wreck, who decides when my day will start, with so much intensity.

I could write a million posts about the every cute thing you do or the every new thing you learn each day but if there’s one thing that I’m sure will steal my heart forever is the way you smile. Big, beady eyes that sparkle with excitement and a smile so wide that I could count all your teeth (or the absence of them lol), my hearts fills with gratitude.

For nobody in the world, can ever love you as much. And nobody, can ever delight me as much.



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