That was THE year

I knew I always wanted to get married after I turned 22. Preferably in the winter, because biryani and summer don’t get along too well. (Well, being in tropical Kerala doesn’t really qualify for even dreaming about a decent winter). To someone who would understand how much cake means to me. How important my family and friends are. How much of an OCD I have of keeping things organised and having to put up with me vehemently denying that it is in fact, an OCD.

It has to be magical and one of the most miraculous signs of The Almighty or how else would you explain two strangers becoming best friends and more overnight? My friends couldn’t fathom the idea of getting married to a guy that I had just met twice – So this isn’t just a Desi thing, it’s the Islamic way of choosing your partner. Call it blind faith & trust, coupled with blind love, maybe? Lame, I know. And I took the plunge, now I know why it’s called the plunge because there is no looking back!

The wedding prep just took up the ‘me not being a typical Indian bride’ to a whole new level. I didn’t have ANY pre-wedding jitters, the wedding dress and the jewelry were the last things on my mind (and the first thing on my Mom’s) and the idea of having to transition into blitzy salwar suits from pajamas made my head go around in circles. What was the fun part? Threatening my brothers to cry buckets at the bidaai or they would be blacklisted from any more baked goodies, getting my hands covered in the most gorgeous mehendi and finalizing on the menu, for every Indian wedding is remembered by how good the food was.

I can’t believe that it has already been over four months of knowing you – It’s an irony in itself, the comfort between us feels like it has been years and yet, the chemistry takes us back to that first moment when we smiled at each other. May Allah protect us from the evil eye.

Know that you’ve taken the irreversible step of being unconditionally loved and that I hardly get cheesy, you did this to me!

Thank you for opening the door for me every single time around, being the gentleman that you are.

Thank you for understanding how much I miss my family and that I gave it all up to start ours.

Thank you for loving me in more ways than I could have ever imagined, all the Hollywood heartthrobs combined.

Thank you for making me feel like I am the most beautiful woman you ever met.

Thank you for the rugby matches, the pampering with gifts which reassured me that you will one day be an amazing father, inshaAllah.

Thank you for being the warm, kind-hearted person that you are and for giving me one more reason to make it to Jannah.

Thank you for giving me the safest place to sleep in every night.

Thank you for choosing me, and proving it to me that the never-ending wait was so worth it all.

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