The sweetness of Imaan

I’m joining the colossal bandwagon of the believers who swear that Ramadan has flown by faster than you could say your name.

It’s a training ground that has been personally prepared for you by your Creator.             Ar-Rasheed equipped you with the Guidance.                                                                   Al-Hafeedh cleared the battlefield & assured you protection by chaining up the devils. Al-Afuwwu guaranteed you pardon if you sought genuine repentance.

And yet, every year, we treat this month as a reluctant vacation from life’s joys as everyone puts it. Four weeks of restraining ourselves from catching the latest movie, from checking out that gorgeous girl, from tuning into the latest gossip sessions. We become too good to be true, push ourselves to levels that we never knew we could reach and taste the sweetness of Imaan that even our Eid Biryaani couldn’t deliver.

I wouldn’t write about the greatness of this month – apart from the fact that you know about it, my words would never be able to encompass it’s power. The fact of the matter is that at the end of Ramadan, you’re like that prepped up soldier ready to fight that battle that you prepared so hard for. And the miserable truth is that you don’t even emerge as a competent opponent, you let your enemy take over the very next day.

We take it for granted that we will live for the next Ramadan, and so our whole batch of fresh sins can be wiped away then. Who are we trying to kid? Al-Khabeer, who knows that tiny promise you make to yourself that once Ramadan is over, you can start seeing that guy again? If you stop listening to music in Ramadan, isn’t it because you admit that it drifts you away from the Deen and that there are better ways to spend your time?

Think about it – At the end of a training session, you’re judged based on your performance after it as opposed to when you started it. You would have made a complete mockery of the entire session if you came out of it learning nothing.

Make that one promise, if not two, or three or more. That if you read a page of the Quran a day, you will read two after it. That you will constantly engage in Dhikr, no matter how busy life can get. That you will devote time exclusively for the Tafseer, for not understanding the Ayat of our Lord, is the greatest punishment we could bring upon ourselves. That you will smile and greet every person that you come across, for doing Da’awah starts from living your life according to the Sunnah of the Messenger SAW. That you will pray for the entire Ummah. That you will take atleast one optional fast in a month solely for your Creator. That you will seek refuge from being hypocrites, the worst of the kind among the believers. You prayed Witr the entire month, promise to continue that till the day you die.

A few powerful points to reflect upon that move me , compiled from various lectures :

  • The graves are filled with people who thought they would practice Islam when they became “old”. Allah swt loves those who increase in piety in their youth, you so want to be in that elite few.
  • The Afterlife is never-ending, compare that to the insignificant lives we lead here. Would you rather have fun here & worry about it’s consequences or live the life of your dreams in Jannah?
  • They say that Islam is in the heart, not Hijab or Beard. They don’t understand that when Islam is in the heart, Hijab and Beard come naturally. Don’t wait for that golden moment to start changing, it will come only when you decide it should.
  • Allah swt doesn’t want to punish you, his love for you faaaaar exceeds how much your mother loves you. Every being has a house in Jannah, it’s just that we don’t work hard enough to buy it and so, someone else takes it.
  • Learning the Quran doesn’t restrict your life to four walls. Nor does it make your life any less fun. It opens up the way to peace that can only be experienced if you pray for it.

We are all in this battle together, till the day we die. And we all need to pick ourselves up and gear up for the fight of our lives, for if we win this, Allah’s promise is awaiting us, inshaAllah! May Allah swt accept our intercessions for each other and bless us with the chance to see His Noble face from the gardens of Paradise.

I seek refuge from any wrong statements that may have been made and from not being able to practice what is preached. 

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2 thoughts on “The sweetness of Imaan

  1. Ameen to the prayer.

    I wish I could be all jubilant and filled with that sense of contentment at the end of it as you mentioned, but as always my Ramadan culminates in thoughts of how much I could have done more.

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