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So it has been an awesome 2 weeks. I’ve forgotten how much I love reading and how less have I actually read. I still remember how hopelessly I cried while reading Harry Potter. After taking up Quran classes, it has been amazing to learn why we do the things that we do. Reading the newspapers are such a pain, wish there was a paper to showcase atleast a few good stories. I guess there will have to be whole new world for that. But it did open my eyes to what is happening in Palestine. So until last week, I really didn’t know what was happening except for the fact that people were fighting with each other. This excellent documentary on Norman Finkelstein was a huge eye-opener.

And then, I did come across old cookbooks of Mum’s which had yellowing pages and brought back memories of Riyadh. There’s this magical thing about cookbooks that no amount of blogs or websites can ever replace. I don’t think I can ever get enough of them!

So, ta-da, Mommy darling pushed me to do something savoury and I made something that reminded me of Bangkok – There were these amazing steamed buns everywhere. But it was pork. So, decided to take a shot at recreating them

Bao Zi

Bao Zi

And then, came the season of oranges!

Orange Yogurt Cake

Orange Yogurt Cake

I’ve always been obsessed about puff pastries, and more importantly, Danish pastries which remind me of the lipsmacking pastries we used to gorge on from Tamimi.

Pineapple and Custard Danish Pastries

Pineapple and Custard Danish Pastries

God, I really need to work on my photography skills.

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