And then there was Dubai.

The best holiday. Everrr!

That would pretty much sum up my trip to Dubai for a colleague’s wedding. They say that it is a city with life that never ends, but I failed to see it in the first 2 days. It was easy to imagine how Kerala would be in 2020 (Ahem, not happening though) because every second person I saw was a Keralite 🙂

So, after the quiet and Alhamdulillah, graceful wedding ceremony, I set out to have what would be an amazing time. We lived a short way from the creek, even the not-so-romantic me did find something in it after all!



The Creek

The city is pretty much all about mall hopping and hogging. I think it is about my change in lifestyle, that I just wasn’t able to eat all I wanted. Was ecstatic about finally trying out Nandos and feasting on Lebanese food. Definitely did justice to the mall hopping part though! It is a designer’s haven, the architecture is hands down the best I’ve seen. Didn’t really miss my workouts because it was walking for almost 12 hours straight and carrying the weight of the shopping bags all day long!



Ibn Battutta Mall 

There is a fair bit to observe at the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall, though Dragon Mart was a steal for all the accessories.

And then I met the love of my life.


Cinnabon would have made a fortune if it had an outlet next door. 🙂 Had one almost every day!


Molten Chocolate Dessert at Chili’s

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is well worth the hype, I remember thinking the first time I saw it – What would Jannah be like if this was so darn beautiful! Had a difficult time feeling torn in between appreciating the sheer beauty of the architecture but yet, disliking the huge fortune spent on adorning just a masjid. It is definitely worth a visit at night, the place seems to glow.



And therefore, my friends ended up taking me around like the world was about to end! 🙂 I would pay a million bucks to see the look of surprise on their faces, their pinching me in disbelief and the hallelujah that followed for hours after I made my first appearance.

Did skip a few things like the Skydive. Definitely saved for the next time inshaAllah, when I do have someone adventurous enough to jump with me 🙂

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