If you haven’t had this,

you have to be ashamed. You haven’t experienced life in all its glory. One post per week has to be something related to food 🙂 Been a while since I’ve written, but finally I have a busy life! Work has been a little hectic 
 this week. But good hectic. I welcomed the weekend with 2 glorious dishes –

Carrot-Orange Muffins

David Lebovitz’s Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream
 My mother is pret-ty soon going to ban me from the kitchen because she says I’m on a mission to make everybody fat. Healthy portions are fine 🙂 The pics aren’t that great , with the ice cream, its completely my fault. I just didn’t have the patience because it was melting 🙂 The electricity line always seems to know when I’m going to bake. Because it has to cut off the power supply for a good amount of time and make me wait. The usual story of my life!
I wasn’t referring to these two dishes in the title. So here’s some to die for desserts that you should, should try out once at the least.
1.  Cinnamon Rolls
Oh my my. That’s definitely heaven in your mouth if you have a sweet tooth. Cinnabon offers the best. Or get baking. Very Berry Easy 🙂
2. Middle East – Yum Yum!
They know this stuff almost better than anybody else. Its not just shawarmas. The next time you make it to an Arab country or a restaurant, don’t overlook the Baklava. Or the Konafeh.
3.Molten Lava Cakes
You’ve committed a crime if you haven’t had this one. Even not-too-sweet-tooth having people will love this inside out. All it takes is 8 minutes to bake. Oki, I think I’m pushing you into the kitchen a lil too much.
4.Shahi Tukra
The Indian version of the bread pudding is unbelievably simple yet, oh so satisfying. The Pakis make it better I guess. I still remember this amazing restaurant in Saudi called the La Sani which served this beauty.
5. Kheer
Rice pudding at its best. Tough competition between this and Ada paysam, there is!
6. Bravarian Chocolate Ice Cream
You like chocolate? Like really good chocolate that’s a lil dark? Run to the nearest Baskin Robbins store!

7. Muffins/Donuts

If they are double choco chip, I will lose all my senses. Especially the ones that make me lead a healthy life. Or try out the Double Trouble Donut in your nearest Mad Over Donuts store. You’ll be thanking me for gifting you one of the most lip smacking moments everrr!
8. Banana Cake
No, it doesn’t taste like you’re eating a banana. This is such a classic. You have got to taste the moistness and the homely food feel that it gives.Can’t count the number of times I’ve baked this. Won’t be a winner when it comes to looks but you know how some things are just well, better experienced than said.
If you are tempted to make anything, I’ll help you out. Now if even that is a tedious task, you know Google is our savior 🙂
All photos are taken via Google and are taken in good spirit – Rightfully owned by the persons concerned.
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2 thoughts on “If you haven’t had this,

  1. I have a very sweet tooth, and u r gonna kill me if i tell u a small truth. I crave only for the chocolate icecream (BB) among the whole bunch and i dislike cinnabon 😀

  2. Dislike Cinnabon? How is that even humanly possible?! Have you had everything else 🙂

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