These are my F.R.I.E.N.D.S

This may sound a lil bit corny and cheesy and call it whatever you want, but these people form an indispensable part of my life. Technically, they should be my 4 A.M friends, but who am I kidding. All of them will be equally snoring away to glory. They’ve made me laughed till everyone has been convinced I’m bonkers and pulled my legs to infinity.1. My sister a.k.a my best friend a.k.a Lamees or LameeZ like she claims!
We had it all. The renowned sibling rivalry that has been etched across the pages of history. God, how I used to hate her. How many times have we pulled each other’s hair and bitten each other. Yes, bitten. And then one fine day, we just happened to be the best of friends. She’s my partner in crime and all my friends are tired of hearing about my undying love for her 🙂 I can’t probably write enough about the bond we share. My jeeju stole her away from me and I’ve still not gotten over it. The fact that she tops the list should be more than enough I guess

2. Kavi – The Glamour Girl
She’s probably one of my oldest friends and living proof that distances don’t matter in relationships. Don’t get me wrong, we’re both completely straight. I don’t know how we became best friends. She likes the weirdest guys, the brightest colors and is a complete devil in disguise. Coming to think of it, I can’t think of anything we like in common. We have to have had the worst food experiences whenEVER we hang out together! There used to be a time when we would write letters to each other. Miss those days. I know she will be there to kick my ass when I need it.

From now on, all these people stand at the same level 🙂

3. Yashi – The pretty lass
We never were the best of friends in the beginning. I’m like this insensitive moron and she’s the complete opposite. Our Mangalore days and the train journeys took our friendship to a whole new level. I cherish those days when we had exclusive names solely understood by us. She doesn’t know it, but she has the power to push me to new limits and bring out the best in me. We’ve shared the most embarrassing moments – Like walking into the mens’ room 😀 – And laughed at ourselves for like, forever. Our friendship is here to stay

4. Reemz, Reesh, Nawal and Naju
These girls come and go like the wind. Believe me, they appear on one fine day and hibernate for a decent time. (Except for Nawal) But come what may, the conversation takes off from where we’d stopped. They are my Hill Top girls – One of the few gifts that school gave me. Reemz has been with me the longest. Reesha is one of those girls who jumps nonstop whenever we meet – Call that child-like innocence or sheer stupidity 🙂 Nawal is my phone friend – we wail about our stupid same problems haha. Naju is well, Naju. Nothing like her. Bomb she is. 🙂

5. Vini and Sneha
Now these girls are GIRLS. They take forever to dress up and are always late whenever we meet up. Poor me. They dress like girls and talk like girls (You must be thinking what am I). A good ol’ conversation with the girls is never complete without them. They make me feel special – In what way, you may ask. By reminding me how ready I am to become a homemaker – Because my mom has to always ask me to buy vegetables when I’m with them. I say, they are envious of my skills in the kitchen 😉

6. My Mystery Brother
I call him my brother in disguise. I never believed that a guy and girl could be best friends till us happened. The strange part is we don’t talk. We can make each other laugh like CRAZY through texts. I don’t know about him, but I definitely do. Laugh, you know. We can disappear for a while and still be on track. We know each other so well that we’d be able to complete each other’s sentences

7. Sho
The one person that is a part of college memories for me. We must have talked about almost every stupid thing on this planet and yet feel awesome about it. I don’t think I know anybody who’s this good at cars. I’m referring to all aspects of it – the driving, the make , the knowledge.  Infinite Friendship, you reckon? 🙂

8. The Hostel Gang – Asin, For wottt, Begadathi, Thangals Mol et al
I’ll call it a gang because we act like one. No, not those silly giggling schoolgirls gang. We’ve been a notorious lot in our college days. You just tend to become so close when you stay with someone not blood related to you. They were there to laugh their lungs out when I got ragged. Or I cried from being homesick. Oh and how can I forget finishing off parceled meals, while making sure I hardly got any. Pretty sure they’ll fume when they read this part 🙂 I love you, girls. They’ve made my memories so damn beautiful with the innumerable experiences we’ve had

You, beautiful people, you. Complete my life. I’m SO not the kind of the person who’d say this, but I would cry like a small girl if you ever ditched me. So make sure you don’t 🙂

The names of those who didn’t make it here are still MY friends , but I just can’t write about everyone. I have very few readers on this blog and I’m pretty sure that most of them would find it difficult to read so much 🙂


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