Mangalore Diaries

I took a fun-tastic trip this weekend to one of my most favourite places. The very name of this city brings in a mix of emotions. I miss the awesome beaches, the even more awesome food and having the luxury of being surrounded by friends 24*7. SighThe first time I shifted to Mangalore for my college education, I had my sister’s shoulders to “weep” on.  Well, I wasn’t sad really. More like the joy of getting to go out whenever I wanted! We had the sickest accommodation imaginable. When we had decided to shift, our owner had run away with our cash. So much for having a good start! The apartment we shifted into ended up adding to making the best year in my life. I was living with my best friend (my sister), we had the time of our lives exploring the city and satisfying our gastronomical desires. Bon Bon’s pastries , Ideal’s Tiramisu, Sizzler Ranch, Royal Darbar’s Tikkas – I’d give off a leg to have them all right now!Funnily enough, college memories are relatively fewer. The times I can fondly remember are bunking numerous classes and the fests we had.When I shifted into hostel, that was more entertaining than anything else. I had heard so much about the amazing time you can have – meeting new characters, the monotonous food, the late night adventures. Needless to say, all these expectations were met 🙂

Another element was the train journeys. I made it a point to go home every 2 weeks. Even now, I don’t know what was there to come home! My love affair with the Indian Railways only grew stronger with each passing journey. Somehow, magically, whenever I traveled alone, the train ALWAYS got delayed. I ended up spending my 18th birthday on the train having caught the wrong one. The only good outcome that I can happily rave about is having made a very good friend who reamins in touch even today. It did cheer up my journeys drastically!

I met amazing people – an investor who had the patience to drill into my brain at least a portion of what the stock markets are about. Friends, whom I know, will stick to me no matter what. Specimens, who really taught me the meaning of being patient and diplomatic. The joy of having your family wait for you whenever you go home is incomparable

And above all, I knew the real value of the most important creation of all times – The Washing Machine


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